FREE Nail treatment to anyone on their Cancer journey

Jo is offering nail treatments to local women (Hertford and Ware) living through a cancer diagnosis.

This idea has grown from seeing the smile a pamper can bring to anyone walking down the unknown path of cancer.

After Jo’s sister was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer, Jo began doing her nails as a little treat. Jo says “We both got so much from it and I would love to offer a free nail treatment to anyone, at any stage of their cancer journey”.

Jo has had feedback on how uplifting it has been to have one nice treatment amongst the world of medical treatments, and she now wants to offer a free treatment to bring a moment of calm and a smile to others in the same situation.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to consult your oncology team before any manicure or treatment.

HOW DO I BOOK? Please just drop Jo a message via her social media @nailsbyjosaville, or message me on 07988 730506.

WHERE WILL THE TREATMENT BE? If you are well enough you can come to Jo’s riverside studio for your treatment in Bengeo – Hertford, or if that can’t work for you that’s no problem and Jo can come to you (please see travel radius below).


• “Your safety, comfort and protection is my top priority.

• It is likely I will keep your nails short without any extensions if you are currently undergoing treatment and 6 months after your cancer treatment.

• I will avoid cutting your cuticles and instead, gently push your cuticles back to avoid any cuts or abrasions.

• Nails can get dry and brittle during and after chemotherapy. I will use safe and sensitive hand and nail creams especially made for people undergoing cancer treatments.

• I will use individual files and buffers for you only –this will minimise any risk of infection.

• Dependant on your stage in treatment I will use water-based polish or gel for the manicure. Also, it may not be suitable to use any ‘cosmetic’ products on your nails dependant on your stage in treatment in which case you can just enjoy a hand massage using oils, hand balms and cuticle oils.  We can discuss which is best for you upon booking.

• I just want to offer a moment of calm and relaxation whether that be at your bedside, in your kitchen or lounge or at my studio.  This is purely to allow for a bit of ‘you’ time and something to look forward to that isn’t all about cancer.”

Further details:

Treatments can be booked Monday – Friday between 10am-2:30.

1 free treatment per customer.  Following treatments will be charged at Jo’s usual rates, please see Jo’s pricing page for more details

Hand treatments only – due to more complexities with the skin on your feet, a podiatrist would be best suited for these treatments.

Travel radius: within 5km (3miles) of SG14 3LF.

Nail Polish Products: These are non toxic, water based nail polishes.  These can be removed with acetone free nail polish remover.

Gel Polish Products: Gel Bottle Inc.  They will need to be removed with acetone – please consult your medical professional if you are undergoing treatment as this may not be a suitable option.

Skin Care products: Natural organic products only.

Please see my nail page on instagram for more inspiration from the gorgeous clients I am so proud to work with.